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my story

7 years ago I found myself completely exhausted, stressed beyond belief, overwhelmed and totally hopeless.  I was an overworked gym owner wearing too many hats.  I was burning the candle at both ends and silently suffering in attempt to keep my business running and my clients happy.  On the outside I looked healthy and fit but on the inside, I was not well.

This experience, while painful turned out to be a huge gift! It taught me that I could not continue to show up for others if I wasn't first showing up for myself.  I could not give my very best to my business and my clients if I was not nourishing my own spirit and filling MY cup.  I had been giving and giving thinking that was the honorable thing to do but I found myself feeling resentful and angry. It was killing me and my business and the stress was taking years off my life - a very hard lesson.

I began to do some research about what it takes for the body to REALLY thrive at the cellular level and restore my vitality. What was it my body needed in order to do ALL the things that LIT me up in life and at the same time would support me longterm so I could avoid the burnout? I went to work to regain my energy and through that process I found my spark again, the fog lifted and stress was a lot easier to cope with.  I began to support my body in the way it was begging me to nourish it - I got checked back into my life, organized my priorities and began to create a sustainable lifestyle that felt good.  

Little did I know, the physical benefits I experienced through nourishing my body would be just the beginning of an amazing life transformation. The decision I made to invest in my health has spilled over and improved all areas of my life from my mindset to my finances and has allowed me to create a life I absolutely love. It has become my mission in life to help other female entrepreneurs come out of the “matrix”, get insanely organized, and become a bad ass at managing their business and life. I believe the way to living our best life starts with putting ourselves first and learning to say no to anything that is not aligned with our vision.

I offer professional coaching and self care solutions to female entrepreneurs!
✔️prioritize your life + be more productive
✔️eliminate distractions + master time blocking
✔️create a sustainable work + life flow

Time blocking is the number one skill I help my clients master along with developing a solid morning routine. We begin by going over your priorities and goals and then together we build out your schedule in 3 stages. We create space for only the important things - even your personal self care, family time and downtime has a place in your schedule. This allows you to be more productive in your work time and 100% present in your personal life so you can avoid those feelings of guilt us women often have when we are not well organized with our time.

As a former workaholic I believe self care is #1, it needs to be built into our daily schedule and made a priority. This is something high performers often struggle with and I am passionate about helping women create a healthy and sustainable work / life flow so they can avoid burn out and experience success in all areas of their lives, not just their business.

If you are interested in learning more about my coaching let’s connect so we can discuss your specific goals!


all of it -

the epic moments & the shitty days, have prepared you for who you are about to become.

Time to power walk it out girl!